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For just $1,000 or more, you can be a investor in Entrepreneur Resorts the world's leading chain of entrepreneur resorts and beach clubs.

Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd is the world's leading group of Entrepreneur resorts and entrepreneur beach clubs, where entrepreneurs co-work, co-learn, co-live and co-give in paradise locations around the world.

The company listed on the Seychelles Trop-X Stock Market in August 2017. It is now a public company with tradeable shares, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to co-fund the growth of the Entrepreneur Movement.

You can buy or sell shares either directly here on this site or via our platform partner, Wealth Migrate.


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By investing today, you receive ordinary shares with equal voting rights and dividend rights as all other shares. You also receive a 20% investor discount on all food, drink and accommodation at our entrepreneur resorts and entrepreneur beach clubs around the world.

To purchase shares, if you are a new or existing shareholder, you can choose to buy shares immediately from any current sellers at the latest offer price, or you can post a bid at a different price and wait for sellers to match your bid price. Share purchases are subject to any securities restrictions relevant to your country. Our team will be happy to connect with you to assist you in the process. Simply click on the ‘buy’ button below and complete the details.

To sell shares, if you are a current shareholder of Entrepreneur Resorts, you can choose to sell shares immediately from any current buyers at the latest bid price, or you can post an offer at a different price and wait for buyers to match your offer price. Our team will be happy to connect with you to assist you. Simply click on the ‘sell’ button below and complete the details.

Invest today, and own a piece of paradise!

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About Entrepreneur Resorts

Entrepreneur Resorts was launched to solve a need that the growing number of global entrepreneurs in the world have: A way to co-work, co-live and co-learn in paradise locations around the world, connecting with local entrepreneur communities.

We will provide a membership and global network of resorts for retreats & accelerators, and Beach Clubs for co-working & connection in paradise locations around the world.

The vision of Entrepreneur Resorts is to launch 5 entrepreneur resorts and 50 entrepreneur beach clubs within the next 5 years. Both the resort model and beach club model have been launched and are operating with 20%+ profitability in Bali, with the roll- out plan now taking place with Entrepreneur Resorts in Seychelles serving as the international holding company.

You can visit our Entrepreneur Beach Club, Genius Cafe, in Sanur, Bali and visit our Entrepreneur Resorts, Tau Game Lodge in South Africa, and Vision Villa Resort, in Bali.

We are growing rapidly, with upcoming resorts and beach clubs planned for Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, Africa, Spain and Italy.

A home for the Entrepreneur Movement

The number of entrepreneurs who are seeking to travel and work remotely, to connect and collaborate, and to co-work, co-live and co-learn is growing exponentially. This is reflected in the growth of co-working spaces, which have grown from an estimate 1,000 co-working spaces in 2010 to over 40,000 in 2018.

This growth is also reflected in the rapid growth of co-working brands. Most notably WeWork, which is now worth $17 billion, and URWork - a Chinese copy of WeWork - which launched in 2016 and is already worth over $1 billion.

It is estimated that the number of entrepreneurs is growing from 100 million in 2000 to 1 billion by 2010. It is now easier than ever to travel and work remotely, and an increasing number of entrepreneurs are doing this to build global businesses, to live the lifestyle they want to live and to make a bigger impact.

Our mission is to be their chosen, trusted brand, as the home of the entrepreneur movement.

A unique, profitable, fast-growth model

The key to our early success is a result of our unique combination of a global community of over 800,000 entrepreneurs in over 100 countries, and entrepreneur-focused locations in paradise.

Our high profitability has been possible by combining a resort model with business retreats, and by combining a co-working model with a beachside cafe bar.

This combination provides us with a base of ongoing consistent monthly revenue from visitors and tourists, and then additional high margin revenue from entrepreneur events and business retreats.

This has led to profit margins of 20%+ for both the resort and the beach club, with operational profitability achieved within three to six months of opening.

Our growth model is based on acquiring high traffic locations, either leasehold or freehold, purchased via cash or a new share issue, and then rebranding them and adding them to our membership network. In the future, we will also test a licensing model for growth.

Entrepreneur Resorts has a forecast $9 million in revenues and $1.3 million in net profits for 2018, rising to a projected $15.6 million in revenues and $1.7 million in net profits in Year 2019, when we will be operating three resorts and six beach clubs.

By Year 5, our plan is to to reach be operating $50 million in revenues and $5.3 million in net profits, when we will be operating five resorts and fifty beach clubs.

Invest today, and own a piece of paradise!


Our World Class Team

Our Board is led by social entrepreneur and futurist, Roger James Hamilton, and contains over 100 years of world class expertise in both growing a global entrepreneur network and building internationally recognized hotel & resort chains.

Roger Hamilton, CEO

Roger is Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute, the world’s largest entrepreneur network with over 800,000 members in 80 countries. He is a New York Times Bestselling author and is currently a Director of Wealth Dynamics, Entrepreneur Resorts Singapore and Vision Villas Bali. He has overseen the profitable growth of the first Entrepreneur Resort and the first Entrepreneur Beach Club in Bali.

Sandra Morrell, COO

Sandra has had over 30 years’ experience in management and general management positions in banking, commerce, training and hospitality. She has most recently been General Manager of Entrepreneurs Institute, overseeing a multi-million-dollar portfolio of companies and a global leadership team with offices in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, South Africa and England.

Jeremy Harris, CFO

Jeremy has over 25 years’ experience as an accountant and business advisor. He is co-owner and partner of Gill McKerrow, a full-service accounting and audit company in Australia. He specializes in providing strategic financial advice to entrepreneurs and investors, and is a registered Tax Agent, Financial Adviser and Member of Chartered Accounts Australia & NZ.

Lisa Bovio, Director

Lisa has held senior Sales & Marketing management positions in various sectors of the travel industry, building world-renowned hospitality brands. She was most recently Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Executive Committee at luxury resort chain Aman. Previously, she was SVP Global Sales & Marketing at Kerzner International and Commercial Director at holiday autos. She has a proven track record of setting successful Sales & Marketing strategies, developing the best in market teams and leading business transformation.

Dennis Dubois, Director

Dennis is Senior Director of Finance for Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, overseeing 1,400 hotels including the Radisson chain. In addition to having overall responsibility for the finance function of all US hotels in the group, his expertise is in leading due diligence teams for hotel acquisitions and transactions. He was previously Controller and Director of Hotel Operations for Hyatt Hotels Corporation for 16 years.

Each of our beach clubs and resorts are known for their friendly, fun-loving, professional teams and our entrepreneurial culture.

Our Properties

Vision Villa Resort, Bali

Vision Villas is currently managed by Entrepreneur Resorts, and runs a series of entrepreneur accelerator programs throughout the year called iLab Accelerators. The resort also hosts a series of entrepreneur retreats run by partners, and makes its 17 rooms available for nightly stay on the main hotel booking sites.

The resort is uniquely tailored to entrepreneurs, with conference and media recording facilities, high bandwidth wifi and a business library. It is located on the East Coast of Bali, directly opposite the Bali Safari Park.

As part of the expansion plans and following the success of Genius Cafe, the Entrepreneur Beach Club in Sanur, Vision Villas is opening a second Genius Cafe that will serve visitors to the East Coast of Bali.

Genius Cafe, Bali

Genius Cafe is the first Entrepreneur Beach Club to open, and has been operating since August 2016. The Beach Club has a prime position on Sanur Beach, and has become a popular destination for Sanur residents, visitors and entrepreneurs because of its high quality healthy food and drinks menu and daily events.

The healthy food menu has been created by Celebrity Chef, Cynthia Louise, and the healthy drinks menu has been created by Food & Drink Alchemist, Kittea ásdis. The daily events range from entrepreneur skill shares to Startup Grind Meet-ups sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs.

The beach club became profitable within three months of opening, and has now become the most popular beach bar and restaurant in South Sanur.

Tau Game Lodge, South Africa

Tau Game Lodge has established itself as the leading resort within the Madikwe Game Reserve, and the only one with a 200-seat conference center. Entrepreneurs Institute has already hosted entrepreneur events at the venue, attracting participants from Asia, Australia, Europe and USA.

The resort operates as a safari lodge with game drives, and has a large restaurant, bar and co-working spaces, together with a terrace overlooking a lake that attracts game to the lodge.

The resort is in very good condition and also includes a Day spa, pool and thirty separate ensuite chalets. Recently purchased by Entrepreneur Resorts, the resort wifi will be upgraded and a new entrepreneur events schedule will be added to supplement the existing business from tourists and visitors.

Invest today, and own a piece of paradise!


Company Structure

Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd has been set up as the holding company for all the companies in the Entrepreneur Resorts Group. When you invest in the company, you are a co-owner in our entire chain of Resorts and Beach Clubs. Each location is set up under its own company, and each company is owned by the Seychelles listed company.

Investor Deck

For further details on our plans, scroll through our Investor Deck and download our IPO Submission document.

Download the Entrepreneur Resorts IPO Submission


Here’s our most frequently asked questions, answered:

Why did Entrepreneur Resorts become a listed company?

Entrepreneur Resorts was set up by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We wanted to give all entrepreneurs the chance to co-fund our resorts from the very beginning of our growth. While it would be easier to have one or two VCs fund us instead of several hundred individual investors, we would prefer to give all entrepreneurs an equal opportunity to profit from the resorts and beach clubs they will be using in the future.

Why is the company on the Seychelles Trop-X Stock Exchange?

We are working closely with Wealth Migrate, which is the world’s leading property crowdfunding platform. Wealth Migrate, in turn, has a relationship with the Seychelles Stock Exchange, and have already listed a number of their properties on the exchange. So it made most sense for us to list there. Plus what better place to base a global resort and beach club chain than the Seychelles?

How little or how much can I invest?

You can invest as little as $1,000 and as much as you like. However, completing your investment is based on us matching you to a seller willing to sell at your offer price, for the amount of shares you are purchasing.

How soon can I make an investment?

You can make an investment straight away by clicking on the “Invest Now” button, and one of our team will personally support you in setting up an account and purchasing shares.

What happens once I decide to invest?

When you click through to invest and choose your investment amount, we will contact you to answer any further questions you have and to guide you through the process of putting in a purchase offer for shares and setting up a trading account. This will allow you to see your shares and to trade them in the future. All our investors also receive complimentary membership to our Entrepreneur Resorts global membership program with ongoing news, discounts and special members only deals.

How can I get more information?

You can view the investor slides and download the IPO submission above. You can also click on the button in the contact us at the bottom of this site to speak to our team.

Am I qualified to invest?

Everyone is qualified to be an investor provided they have a trading account with the Seychelles Stock Exchange, which we will help you set up. For us, the most important thing is for you to be aligned to our mission of providing a home to the entrepreneur movement.

When can I trade my shares?

You shares are fully tradeable and can be sold at any time once you have bought them, based on finding a seller and the price you want to sell. Or you can hold on to your shares and benefit from our growth.

Complimentary Beach Club Membership as an Investor

Once you become an investor in Entrepreneur Resorts, we will provide you with a complimentary Entrepreneur Beach Club membership (priced at an annual $100 fee).

With this membership, you have access to all our resorts and beach clubs around the world as we grow, with free high-speed wifi access, free entry to all events and 20% off all food and drink whenever you visit. All co-working space and the gorgeous views are free!


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